AHA Training

Australia’s only Paediatric Allied Health Academy

Shortcut the learning curve of paediatric AHA, and get the support & training your employer wishes they could provide, so you can rock at your job, meet your KPI’s, and spend time doing the tasks you love! Overcome the main learning curves for a new AHA including:

  • Confidently interacting with challenging clients
  • Staying compliant with legislation
  • Writing useful clinical notes
  • Keeping safe whilst working with minors
  • Supporting a child’s skills through games

Masterclass: Grow your Business with an AHA

Need more capacity in your business?
You have more clients and more work than you know what to do with, and you’re thinking about hiring help. An AHA is a great solution, but can feel like an intimidating step – we’ll give you the knowledge you need to feel confident taking the plunge.


  • how to grow your business without overwhelm or working longer hours
  • how an AHA can help you serve more clients without adding more hours to your diary
  • feel confident in on-boarding a new AHA

Free Training: 3 Essential Skills to Working with an AHA

In this 40 minute free training is to help managers figure out the most effective ways to work with their AHAs, to ensure a productive relationship. You will learn how to:

  • Increase your AHA’s Billable hours
  • Minimize double handling and constant questioning
  • Build an effective workplace dynamic that saves you time, improves client outcomes, and allows you both to thrive

Free Training: 5 Skills All AHAs Need to Know


This 40 minute training is desinged to set AHAs up for success in their career but teaching you the 5 core skills you’ll need to tackle this industry, including:


  • How to make working with challenging children a breeze
  • Taking notes that are succinct, legible and legally compliant
  • How to acquire and improve skills to ensure your job is as rewarding as possible