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Paediatric Allied Health Academy

Shortcut the learning curve of paediatric AHA, and get the support & training your employer wishes they could provide, so you can rock at your job, meet your KPI’s, and spend time doing the tasks you love!

There are many learning curves for an AHA when they start in paediatrics:

Confidently interacting with challenging clients

Staying compliant with legislation

Writing useful clinical notes

Keeping safe whilst working with minors

Supporting a child’s skills through games

As you’ve probably realised by now, there are many additional skills to being a paediatric allied health assistant that aren’t covered by the Cert 3 or 4 curriculum, which can lead to feeling like you’ve been thrown in the deep end when you start a new role. 

Currently, healthcare in Australia is stretched so thin that your supervisors aren’t always available to help you learn the ropes, leaving you to hit the ground running. All that time spent learning means your billable hours suffer, or you’re having to work overtime to catch up – you’re constantly chasing your own tail!

We can help you get on top of all the things you don’t know and put the joy back into your job!

What can change when you are supported to thrive?

  • Increase your billables.
  • Confidently navigate challenging clients, legal compliance, and your own workplace safety
  • Understand the best ways to support your clinician so you can both thrive! 
  • Work becomes easier, more focused, and more enjoyable. 
  • Learn to love your work again!

Get started now!

Hi, I’m Deb Hopper

Founder and Paediatric OT, Life Skills 4 Kids

Private Practice Owner, Clinical Mentor & Allied Health Assistant Employer

The OT Mentor; a seasoned occupational therapist with 25 years experience, providing mentorship and guidance to occupational therapists and allied health assistants at every stage of their career, from students and new graduates to accomplished practitioners.

With years of experience running online training, I know exactly how to create a supportive mentoring space online where you can feel safe to share and learn new skills.

Most supervising therapists I speak to wish they could spend more time training the AHA’s they work with, but they either don’t have the time, skills, or the resources to do so. I founded the Paediatric AHA Academy to provide allied health assistants with the training they need to thrive in paediatrics and a place to turn to for advice when they need it. 

As Seen In

What’s included in the AHA Academy?

Access to an online education portal with core modules developed specifically for AHAs working in a paediatric setting.
Fortnightly coaching calls with our Occupational Therapy Coaches. We are experienced in working with AHAs to provide support and guidance in the areas of skills development and scope of practice.
An exclusive Facebook group where you can safely ask AHA-specific questions

Enjoy a course catered to you!

Tricky cases?

As part of the Academy, you’ll get a say in what training we create. Submit questions about your cases via email or the Facebook group and we’ll weigh in with our experience, and the experiences of other AHA’s in the Academy. It’s great to have an external place where you can discuss specific situations and get tips on how to move forward with confidence!

Employment focused PD

Your supervising therapist or employer may be the one enrolling you in the Academy, and they may have some questions or specific requests they want us to cover in our content. We provide an opportunity for them to meet us and get peace of mind that this is the right place for you. 

The AHA Academy is for you if you are:


You’ll love the foundational skills the Academy provides to becoming an impactful AHA. There are many core skills that the Certificate 3 or 4 AHA courses don’t cover in their training, so we’ve compiled everything you need to know into easy, digestible videos & worksheets, allowing you to build your skills and become a thriving AHA in no time!

New to Paediatrics

If you’ve been an AHA for a while you’ll understand the basics, but paediatrics is an entirely new skillset. We’ll show you how to work with your clients effectively, and how to keep yourself physically and legally safe while you do it.

You’ll also love the supportive community of fellow AHA’s that you can share strategies and discuss tricky cases with.

An experienced paediatric AHA

The paediatric field is constantly evolving, so having a place to go to stay up to date with the latest changes and therapeutic techniques is invaluable.

You’ll also benefit from a community of fellow AHAs to get advice from on tricky cases, and grow your expertise.

Join The AHA Academy Today

Monthly payment:

$97 AUD

GST inclusive

Annual payment:

$970 AUD

GST inclusive and 2 months free

Deb Hopper

Founder and Paediatric OT, Life Skills 4 Kids

Private Practice Owner, Clinical Mentor & Allied Health Assistant Employer

Being an allied health practitioner and private practice owner these days is TOTALLY different from even 2 or 5 years ago. As you know, allied health professional staff are hard to find, waiting lists are LOOOONG and the numbers of families needing private therapy services and NDIS participants are growing astronomically. As a private practice owner, I know the to do list is never-ending…

What worked 5 years ago won’t work now.

Being a private practice therapist, especially if you’re a solo clinician can be a lonely journey and this has fuelled a passion in me to develop online training and courses to empower and support allied health practice clinicians, enabling you to grow in confidence and thrive as a confident therapy business owner, not just get by. I’m passionate about walking the journey with other therapists to help you become YOU 2.0, the best version of yourself – at work and at home.

I’ve developed The Allied Health Assistant Academy, to help practice managers just like you to get your support for yourself through being able to onboard Allied Health Assistants (AHA’s) to help you, and to support your AHA’s to be as amazing as possible, and have fun along the way. It’s a practical membership to help you build a sustainable, peaceful and no drama private practice with the support you need.

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