Business Simplification Masterclass

$97.00 incl GST for AUS customers

Your Therapy Business Shouldn’t Be a 7 Day Job

Too many therapists are working evenings and weekends, struggling to keep on top of business AND client workloads.
The pressure and overwhelm of being a therapy business owner is very real –  it can feel exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be.

This Masterclass will step you through the 3 key areas you need to simplify your Business & Life!


Get Your Weekends Back with the Business Simplification Masterclass

  • Mindset to Thrive:
    Learn what the 5 mindset skills hacks are so you can mentally switch off at the end of the day.
  • Hiring a Team: 
    Why you need a team BEFORE you get too busy and my tips for finding the right person.
  • Life Simplification Tools: 
    The tools that save me hours each week and free me up to spend time with my family at the end of the work day.

Build a sustainable, profitable therapy business so you can rediscover the joy of being a therapist.

The Masterclass has been so helpful – I watched the Simplification Tools video 3 times!
– J, a fully booked OT who needs to reduce admin stress