Deb Hopper,
The OT Mentor

Supporting Occupational Therapists
at Every Stage of Their Career

Hi, I’m Deb Hopper, The OT Mentor; a seasoned occupational therapist with 25 years experience, providing mentorship and guidance to occupational therapists and allied health assistants at every stage of their career, from students and new graduates to accomplished practitioners.

“Nurturing the growth of occupational therapists as practitioners and entrepreneurs”

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How We Support Your Clinical
 and Business Skills

Clinical Supervision

Our one-on-one mentoring program for occupational therapists looking to improve their clinical skills and knowledge. Deb Hopper provides personalised guidance and support to help you achieve your goals.

The Kids OT POD

A specialised mentoring program for occupational therapists working with children. We provide guidance and support to help you become a confident paediatric OT.

The Therapy Business Mastermind

A community of therapists dedicated to growing their therapy practice. Deb Hopper leads the group and provides guidance, support and advice to help you achieve your business goals & create alternate income streams.

Allied Health Assistant Training

Our online training courses for Allied Health Assistants, to support allied health professionals in business. We provide ongoing mentoring and training to support the knowledge and skills that Allied Health Assistants need to excel in their role.

With a goal to support the development of competent, confident, and compassionate occupational therapists, Deb Hopper offers a personalized mentorship program, covering topics such as clinical reasoning, assessment and intervention planning, professional development, and ethics and cultural humility. In addition, Deb Hopper also offers continuing education courses and networking opportunities for occupational therapists at all levels of experience.

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