Business Simplification Masterclass

Leave the 7 Day Workweek Behind

Instant Access to 2.5 Hours of Strategies & Tips
to Simplify Your Business & Life

Your Therapy Business Shouldn’t Be a 7 Day Job

Too many therapists are working evenings and weekends, struggling to keep on top of business AND client workloads.

The pressure and overwhelm of being a therapy business owner is very real –  it can feel exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Get Your Weekends Back with the

Business Simplification Masterclass

  • Mindset to Thrive:
    Learn what the 5 mindset skills hacks are so you can mentally switch off at the end of the day.
  • Hiring a Team: 
    Why you need a team BEFORE you get too busy and my tips for finding the right person.
  • Life Simplification Tools: 
    The tools that save me hours each week and free me up to spend time with my family at the end of the work day. 

Build a sustainable, profitable therapy business so you can rediscover the joy of being a therapist.

The Masterclass has been so helpful – I watched the Simplification Tools video 3 times!

– J, a fully booked OT who needs to reduce admin stress

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Business Simplification Masterclass

Leave the 7 Day Workweek Behind

Tickets only $97

Training is held online, recordings are available in case you can’t make it.

Hi, I’m Deb Hopper, The OT Mentor; a seasoned occupational therapist with 25 years experience, providing mentorship and guidance to occupational therapists and allied health business owners. My Therapy Business Mastermind is the place for grounded business and life guidance, and a place to be fully seen and heard as you grow your business and yourself to your full potential. 

“Nurturing the growth of occupational therapists as practitioners and entrepreneurs”

Hear from Happy Paediatric OTs

I couldn’t have been luckier in finding and joining The Kids OT POD when I did. Deb and my Kids’ OT POD team have helped me feel confident in what I’m doing and achieving that elusive work-life balance!

– RB
Occupational Therapist, Tasmania

I’m so glad I found this! As a new graduate, I’ve been looking for support the past few months as my service can’t recruit a senior OT.

– AR
Occupational Therapist, NSW

I have found the Kids OT Pod to be the best and most helpful professional online development program. It has helped me build my confidence and provide up-to-date knowledge to help me get back into the profession after being out of the field for over 15 years. Deb has a wealth of knowledge and offers awesome support. I love that I can continue to learn at my own pace and the support from the zoom catch-ups with Deb and other OTs is fantastic, as you can discuss difficult cases and get new ideas and help. I would recommend the Kids OT Pod to anyone working in the paediatric OT field. It’s especially awesome for new grads, solo OTs and people like me, wanting to get back into the profession again.
Thanks Deb for all that you do, it is so helpful !!!!

– Anonymous
Occupational Therapist, Melbourne
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